Zilhij Common Amaal for day 1 to day 10

This is the greatest month, most of the companion of Prophet Muhammad pbuh specially organize prays in this month. First 10 days are named "Ayaam-e-Maloomaat" in Quran. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that each good effort in this month is very very much appreciated by Allah j.j. as compared with a regular day of any month. Following are the common Amaal for first 10 days.

Zilhij 1

  • This is the birthday of Prophet Ibrahim a.s.
  • Imam Ali a.s. got married with Hazrat Fatima a.s.
  • Fasting of this day is equivalent to 80 months fasts.
  • Offer 4 rakaat pray of Hazrat Ftima a.s. splitting in 2/2 rakaat, where in each rakat recite Sura Fateha 1 time and Sura Ikhlaas 50 times. After finishing recite Tasbeeh-e-Fatima a.s. and this DUA.
  • Half an hour before Zawaal (mid-day) offer two rakaat pray, where in each rakat recite Sura Fateha 1 time, Sura Ikhlaas 10 times, Ayat-ul-Kursi 1 time and Sura Qadr 1 time.
  • If you are terrorized by any cruel person, then recite this to get protection from Allah j.j from that person.


Zilhij 7

This is the martyrdom day of Imam Muhammad Baqar a.s. in Madina on 114Hj.


Zilhij 8

  • Take laving.
  • Today's fast (Roza) is the forgiveness for sins of 60 year.

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    Zilhij 9

    Night Amaal

    It is a great night, forgivenesses are awarded and duas are accepted. Try to spend the entire night in praying Allah j.j. that is equivalent to 170 years' praying.

    • Recite this DUA to get the forgiveness. (It may also be recited on Friday night).
    • Recite this 1000 times.
    • Recite this DUA .
    • Go to Roza Imam Hussain a.s. in Kerbala and stay upto Eid day to get protection from all evils for the entire year.
    • Recite ziarat Imam Hussain a.s.

    Day Amaal

    This is also a great Eid day, even though it is niether named nor celebrated properly. This day Allah j.j. called the human towards him and Iblees (Satan) was dismissed.

    • Take laving.
    • Be fasted (Roza).
    • Recite ziarat Imam Hussain a.s. . It is equivalent to 1000 Haj, 1000 Umrah and 1000 Jehaad OR more than that.
    • Staying in Roza Imam Hussain a.s. is better than staying in field Arafaat (Haj), but it is not for those who are performing their Wajib (usually first) Haj which always has first priority.
    • Offer Zuhar and Asar pray under the sky.
    • After Asar pray offer 2 rakaat pray under the sky, where in first rakat recite Sura Fteha and Sura Ikhlaas while in second rakat recite Sura Fateha and Sura Kafiroon.
    • Think (recall) all of your past sins to get forgiveness.
    • Offer 4 rakaat pray, where in each rakat first recite Surah Fateha then recite Sura Ikhlaas 50 times.
    • Prophet Muhammad pbuh instructed to recite this .
    • Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq a.s. asked to recite this .
    • Recite this DUA (Umm-e-Dawood).
    • Recite this great DUA .
    • Recite this DUA .
    • Recite 47th DUA from Sahifa-e-Kamila.
    • Recite this DUA narrated from Imam Hussain a.s. When he was in Field Arafaat during Haj, he came out from his tent with the sons and companions at Asar pray time, he stood on the right side of the mount, turned towards Kaba, raised hands in front of face, and recited this dua in the maximum possible humble way.
    • Now recite this Ziarat-e-Jama .
    • Near the end of day recite this DUA .
    • At the sun-set time, recite this Dua-e-ushraat .


    Zilhij 10

    Night Amaal

    • It is one of the four greatest nights of the year.
    • Spent the entire night in pray.
    • Doors of the sky are open.
    • Recite the ziarat of Imam Hussain a.s.
    • Also recite this DUA .

    Day Amaal

    This is Eid-ul-Azha day (some amaal are same as Eid-ul-Fiter).

    • Take laving (almost compulsorily).
    • After Fajr pray and Eid pray recite these Takbeer .
    • Take laving after dawn but before the Eid pray and recite this DUA at the time of Take laving.
    • Dress up with the best possible.
    • Use perfume.
    • When going for Eid pray, recite this DUA, as narrated by Imam Muhammad Baqar a.s.
    • Offer 2 rakaat Eid pray, where in first rakat recite Sura Fateha second Sura Aala, then repeat 5 times this Qunoot . In second rakat, recite Sura Fteha and Sura Shams, then repeat the same Qunoot.
    • Offer Tasbeeh Fatima a.s.
    • Break the fast after Eid pray by the meat of Qurbani (scapegoat).
    • Recite 46th DUA from Sahifa-e-Kamila.
    • Recite 48th DUA from Sahifa-e-Kamila.
    • Recite Dua-e-Nudba.
    • Offer Qurbani.
    • Pesons who are in Mina, Suadi Arabia, recite THIS after each pray from Zuhar pray of Eid day to Fajar pray of 13th Zilhij.
    • Persons who are in other parts of the world, recite THIS after each pray from Zuhar pray of Eid day to Fajar pray of 12th Zilhij.


    Zilhij 15

  • It is the birthday of Imam Ali Naqi a.s. in 212Hj.

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    Zilhij 18

    Every Prophet a.s. has been celebrated this Eid. In the heaven its called "Roz-e-Ahad-e-Mahood" while on earth it is also called "Mesaaq Makhooz-o-Jamaa Mash'hood". Prophet Muhammad pbuh instructed Imam Ali a.s. to always celebrate this Eid. Prophet Moosa a.s. was successful against the magicians. The fire become harmless (like flowers) for prophet Ibrahim a.s. on this day. Hazrat Shamoon a.s. was also announced as Imam for the followers of Prophet Eisa a.s. Prophet Suleman a.s. announced the Imamat of Hazrat Asif Bin Brkhya a.s.

    • Take laving.
    • Wear a good dress and use perfume.
    • You must be very kind with relatives and friends on this day.
    • Organize party with good food, if possible, because it is equivalent to invite all prophets and momins.
    • If you offer a dinner to even one RozaDar (fasted person), it is equivalent to offer 100,000 prophets, Sideeqs and Shaheeds as explained by Imam Ali a.s. during his Ghadeer speech.
    • Exchange gifts..
    • Imam Ali Raza a.s. said to Ibne Abi Nasar to always come in Najaf Ashraf, Iraq, on this day to do the ziarat of Imam Ali a.s. that is the forgiveness for 60 years' sins. You should go to Roza Imam Ali a.s.
    • Narated from Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq a.s. that we should be fasted on this day. This fast is equivalent to the forgiveness of 60 years' sins. It is also said that this fast is equivalent to the fasts of the age of Earth, 100 Haj and 100 Umrah.
    • Recite the ziarat Ameen-ullah of Imam Ali a.s.
    • Offer 2 rakaat pray half an hour before zawaal (mid-day) time, where in each rakat recite sura Fateha 1 time, sura Ikhlaas 10 times, Ayat-ul-Kursi 10 times and sura Qadar 10 times. This pray is equivalent to 100,000 Haj and 100,000 Umrah.
    • Offer 2 rakaat pray just before zawaal (mid-day) time. At this time Prophet Muhammad pbuh announced the Imamat of Imam Ali a.s. in Ghadeer. This pray and following three amaal are equivalent to that person who was present in Ghadeer and took oath on the palm of Imam Ali a.s. In first rakat recite sura Fateha and sura Qadar, in second rakat recite sura Fateha and sura Ikhlaas.
    • Move into sajda position and recite THIS 100 times.
    • After completing sajda recite this DUA.
    • Now again move into sajda position and recite THIS.
    • Recite Dua-e-Nudba.
    • Now recite this DUA.
    • Recite THIS 100 times.
    • When visiting any Momin brother, say THIS to him.
    • Also recite THIS.
    • You must perform the Promis of Brothership (Place your right palm over the right palm of a momin then recite).


    Zilhij 24

    It is the Edi-e-Mubahila day. This day Prphet Muhammad bpuh went to prove truth by mutual imprecation with Nasara Najran. He was accompanying Ahlay Bait.
    Allah j.j. sent Ayat-e-Tatheer by Hazrat Gibraeel a.s. on the same day.
    The famous event, when Imam Ali a.s. gifted his ring to a beggar during pray in the position of Rukoo, was on this date.

    • Take laving.
    • Observe fast (Roza).
    • Offer 2 rakaat pray half an hour before zawaal (mid-day) time, where in each rakat recite sura Fateha 1 time, sura Ikhlaas 10 times, Ayat-ul-Kursi (recite upto the wordings "Hum Fiha Khalidoon") 10 times and sura Qadar 10 times.
    • Recite Dua-e-Mubahila. Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq a.s. has explained a lot of benefits for this dua.
    • Offer 2 rakaat pray with a normal method.
    • Recite Astaqfaar 70 times.
    • It is also better to recite Ziarat-e-Jama.


    Zilhij 25

    On this day sura Dahar was revealed in appriciation of Ahlay Bait a.s. when they were fasted for three consecutive days, gave all food to beggars and took just water.

    • It is better to distribute some food among poor persons.
    • Observe fast (Roza).
    • Since some Ulama also count this day as Mubahila Day, therefore you should recite Dua-e-Mubahila and Ziarat-e-Jama.


    Zilhij 30

    This is the last day of Islamic year.

    • Offer 2 rakaat pray, where in each rakat recite sura Fateha 1 time, sura Ikhlaas 10 times and Ayat-ul-Kursi 10 times.
    • After the pray recite this DUA.
    • When you recite above dua, satan says "I am failed to convert this momin towards my thoughts and my all efforts have gone due to this (above) Amal. And this person has completed this year with full success."