Moon Sighting

Common for each month's moon


Whenever you sight first moon of the month, follow these amaal:

  • Recite 43rd dua from Sahifa-e-Kamila.
  • Recite sura Fateha 7 times to prevent eye-pain.
  • Eat some cheese, so that none of your Duas will be rejected in this month.
  • Offer 2 rakaat pray in this night, where in each rakat recite sura Fateha and sura Inaam.
  • Offer 2 rakaat pray in the next (first date) day, where in first rakat recite sura Fateha 1 time and sura Ikhlaas 30 times. In second rakat recite sura Fateha 1 time and sura Qadar 30 times. This amal is equivalent to purchase protection from Allah j.j.
  • After the pray recite this DUA.

Click here for special RAMZAN moon sighting dua



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